Love and Light in Honor of Tanya Boden

Tanya and I met playing the game Farmtown on Facebook in 2009.  We would look for each other in the public areas and then invite one another to harvest for us.  During one of the harvests (so funny to tell this story), Tan said about making jewelry and I said, “No way!  So do I!” and that was it.  We made sure to be there everyday for one another, then we “friended” each other, and that was it.

Over the years Tan and I became closer and closer, speaking over the phone at least once a week, until the last few months.  When she decided to go to Germany, she asked me to keep some of her friends in the loop, and made sure to tell me she’d call from there.  She did several times while she was away, and I had hoped for the best.  It didn’t work the way she had hoped it would.  Of course, nobody could find the cancer.

Love and Light Citrine and Carnelian Bracelet

Love and Light Citrine and Carnelian Bracelet

On January 2, I lost one of my very best friends.  Tanya could not hold on any longer.  I cannot imagine going through life without Tan in it.  I was lucky to have just brief moments in time speaking with her over the phone or chatting online.  She’s gone, but I will never forget.  I love you Tan.  Thank you for giving me your time and energy and love, even when your energy was down to very little.

The piece that I made in honor of the Love and Light blog hop is a citrine and carnelian bracelet wire wrapped in sterling sterling silver.  The chain is handmade.  There were so many things I wanted to make, but I would make something and pull it apart.  It was not Tan.  Finally, this came together, and came out beautifully.  I hope the images do it justice.

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Love and Light Citrine and Carnelian Bracelet with sterling silver

Love and Light Citrine and Carnelian Bracelet

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  1. This is so Tan, Ingrid. Love the gems, wrapping, and the clusters have great movement. I’m glad to know you through Tan. I’m glad to know all the people I’ve met because of Tanya. Hugs xx

  2. One of the things I gained from my friendship with Tanya was YOU. I am forever grateful for that.

  3. This is such a beautiful piece, Ingrid! I love it – along with the memories you have shared. Thank you.

    • Alicia, I just wish we were celebrating something other than Tan’s past life. (though, I love that we are) Maybe a birthday or something that meant she was still with us. I learned that we really need to push away from taking advantage of who we have in our lives, and remind our friends how important they are as much as possible. So, new friend, hugs!

  4. What a lovely tribute to Tanya. Beautiful bracelet.

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